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While you might think the main purpose of facial treatments is to create clean and young looking skin, there are actually deeper effects. Each facial treatment uses a unique combination of cleansing oils that soothe and energize your skin. Impurities are removed, giving your skin the opportunity to breathe, while correcting and healing blemishes and discoloration.

The key to the right facial is to know your skin type.

Is your skin type dry, oily, normal, combination or sensitive? Knowing your skin type matters more than you’ll ever know.  If you are not sure what your skin type is, try this amazing at home Do-It-Yourself test.

  1. Wash Your Face. Wash with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Remove make-up. This cleans away oils and dirt that may have accumulated during your day, giving your skin a fresh start. Do not over wash though.
  2. Wait an hour. During this time, your skin should return to its natural state, the characteristics of which will determine your skin type. Act normally and, please, don’t touch your face.
  3. Dab your face with a tissue. Pay attention to the ‘T-zone’–the area of your forehead and nose.
  4. Determine your skin type. Skin falls into four types–normal, oily, dry and combination.
    • Normal skin shows neither oil nor flaking skin. It should feel supple and smooth. If you have it, consider yourself lucky 🙂
    • Oily skin is characterized by the grease on the tissue. It is also common for a person with oily skin to have large pores and a shine.
    • Dry skin may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin. It is associated with small pores. Moisturizing is important for this skin type.
    • Combination skin is most common. It exhibits traits of all three of the above skin types. Usually, the skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry elsewhere.
  5. Know what problems your skin might have. There are usually two ‘problem’ categories that your skin may fall under, as well as your skin type. These two categories are
    • Sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, your face reacts easily to regular skin products. This means that when you use regular skin products, your face will get red, itchy, or a rash could form.
    • Acne-Prone skin. Even if you’re not a teenager, you may still get pimples/acne, especially if you have an oily skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, look around for a good acne products.

If you are still unsure about your skin type even after taking the DIY test, I am happy to provide you with a free skin consultation. During the consultation we will determine your skin type and I will recommend a beauty care routine designed to help keep you feeling and looking your best.

While facials and the right skin care products enhance your skin, we know that true health comes from the inside. So while your face is being exposed to essential oils, we gently massage the skin to stimulate the blood circulation, which promotes healthy skin to your face and all parts of your body. It feels magical, but our facial treatments are as real as it gets. Your health and your face deserve to experience the transformation of our soothing facial treatments. Walk in stressed and tired, and you’ll walk out relaxed, with a healthy glow on your cheeks and all over your body.

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