2D/3D Eyelash Extensions by Angel Skin Care

2D/3D Eyelash Extensions by Angel Skin Care

Angel Skin Care and Salon now offers exciting new options in eyelash extensions. Our 2D/3D eyelash extensions create the fullest and most voluminous lashes yet. Traditionally, eyelash extensions could only add one extension to each lash, but with our new 2D/3D eyelash extensions, you can double or triple the volume and truly maximize the thickness of your eyelashes. Natural and safe, no one can tell they aren’t your lashes—even you.

Go ahead, throw away your mascara and enhance your eyes and eyelashes with the softest, lightest, and thickest eyelash extensions on the market. Whether you want to fill in thin, sparse lashes or create maximum drama and glamour, there’s never been a faster, easier, and more natural looking way to create the look you want.

Angel’s 2D/3D eyelash extensions expand the limited effect of traditional eyelash extensions, allowing you to fill in even the thinnest eyelashes, creating maximum fullness that lasts. The extensions are applied to each individual lash, allowing you to turn 50 lashes into 100 or 150, or 150 lashes into 300 long, luscious, and incredibly beautiful eyelashes.

Application is safe, easy, and comfortable. Angel is certified in the application of eyelash extensions and uses only the highest quality medical-grade adhesive. Each extension is weightless, water resistant, and available in the length, thickness, color, and curvature you want. The eyelashes and adhesive are hypoallergenic, without fumes, irritation, or allergic reactions, and application is painless. The results are beautiful natural looking lashes that are lasting and easy to maintain.

Special promotion:

Book your appointment today and receive a $50.00 off any full set of eyelash extensions.

Full Set: With a full set, we meticulously apply natural-looking extensions to 100% of your natural lash line. Appointment can last approximately 90 to 150 minutes.

  • Full Set: $180
  • Silk Full Set: $210
  • 100% Syberian Mink: $280
  • 2D/3D Lashes: $280

Touch-ups: Appointment can last approximately 45 minutes – 90 minutes.

  • 2 Weeks: $60
  • 3 Weeks: $70
  • 4 Week: $80-$120

Mink Touch-ups:

  • 2 Weeks: $90
  • 3 Weeks: $100
  • 4 Week: $110-$150

2-D and 3-D Touch-ups:

  • 2 Weeks: $90
  • 3 Weeks: $100
  • 4 Week: $110-$150

Eyelash Removal: $20.00

After care:

After completing your eyelash extensions please do not rub or get them wet for 8 hours. After 8 hours treat them just like your own eyelashes. You can wash your face, shower or even swim. Feel free to enjoy your beautiful new eyelash extensions.

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Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday and Monday: By Appointment Only

For additional questions or more information about the application and care of eyelash extensions, contact Angel directly at 650.888.4862.